Accelerate your cloud infrastructure

For rapid skills development and enablement, RPTAccelerator fits the needs of your modern business — helping you build and scale to the cloud.

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Build and scale your organization

Every company is in different stages of operational readiness in terms of digital transformation. Whether your team is staffed with automation experts or they are just starting to understand cloud operating models and infrastructure as code, Accelerator by River Point Technology is your rapid skills development and enablement solution designed to fit the needs of the modern business.

All the tools you need to the full control of your automation initiative

  • You drive all aspects of the automation technology
    • Code repository
    • CI/CD pipeline
    • Testing framework
    • Module tracker, etc.
  • RPT building blocks for you to accelerate adoption
  • RPT engineers use the same building blocks with customer projects

Let RPT’s experts guide your team through the complexity of automation

  • We guide you through the journey of adopting cloud and automation
  • Access to all RPT intellectual property to reduce the need to build from scratch
  • Work with the experts through support and office hours
  • Ongoing cadence with customer success to keep you moving forward

If you are just starting out or your team does not have the cycles to let RPT take control

  • RPT leads you through all phases of adoption from architecture, design, implementation and ongoing Day 2 support
  • Designed to jump start your initiative while we onboard your team in real time
  • Reduce risk with our prescribed and tested model

Subscription Method


Ensure your team’s skills keep pace with automation technology. RPTAcademy and Instructor courses are designed to upskill your team while you roll out the new technology. The combination of on-demand content with hands on labs and refresher workshops ensures ongoing enablement.


Enable your organization to leverage the building blocks that we have perfected over multiple engagements with F500 companies. Couple that with access to our experts to ensure your adoption is not slowed with unexpected roadblocks.


Scaling new technology across an organization is challenging, our advanced building blocks allow you to deliver automation with confidence. Our prebuilt solutions help to manage the common Day 2 challenges with automation.