Award-Winning Cloud Consulting, Training & Enablement Provider Lures Industry Leaders

Pittsburgh, PA – April 16, 2024 (Newswire) – River Point Technology (RPT), an award-winning cloud consulting, training, and enablement provider, today formally announced the addition of two industry leaders to its management team to support continued high growth. RPT has named Dane Smith, Managing Director of Global Client Engagement, and Steve Pantol, VP Service Delivery, bringing their years of experience to bolster an existing high-end team.

Welcome Dane Smith, Managing Director of Global Client Engagement

Dane Smith brings over thirty years of experience building and leading sales organizations from Sun Microsystems to VMware. He has achieved success in the startup world where he has been a founding member, board advisor, and investor and had the good fortune to be a part of multiple exits. Most recently Dane helped lead computer science and data science innovation, entrepreneurship, and startups at the University of Chicago’s Polsky Center. Dane’s comprehensive experience will bring a strong focus to RPT in growing the intellectual property portfolio and RPT’s value proposition to its global F1000 customers and partners.

Welcome Steve Pantol, VP Service Delivery

Steve Pantol joins RPT as a leader with a track record of building and scaling services organizations. Steve led the development of the Cloud Services team at a large solutions integrator and more recently supported scaling the cloud native consulting group at VMware that became VMware Tanzu Labs following VMware’s acquisition of Pivotal. The successes of executing on these high growth roles will bring critical experience to RPT to support our clients’ needs as they progress through their digital transformation journeys.

Jeff Eiben, CEO of RPT, stated, “I couldn’t be more excited to bring the level of talent that Dane and Steve possess to RPT. Their industry knowledge will bring immediate value to our clients, partners, and team. My main criteria in adding executive talent to RPT was for leaders that have had a demonstrated record of accomplishment and can hit the ground running in support of our company goals. With these additions to our high-end team, strong intellectual capital and a F1000 client base of household names, we can continue to be laser focused on successful customer outcomes.” 

River Point Technology’s award-winning team, comprised of some of the world’s best IT, cloud, and DevOps experts, delivers a comprehensive suite of consulting offerings, including:

Through its 5-star rated training programs on leading cloud platforms, RPT equips teams with the necessary skills to excel in the cloud. Additionally, the company’s flagship offering, the RPT Accelerator, is a subscription-based enablement program that helps enterprises achieve Day 2 success in the cloud, ensuring ongoing optimization and value realization. 

With its unparalleled expertise and dedication to customer success, RPT is poised to continue leading the way in cloud consulting and enablement. By empowering organizations to leverage the cloud effectively, RPT helps them achieve their full potential and accelerate their digital transformation journeys. 

About River Point Technology: River Point Technology (RPT) is an award-winning cloud consulting, training, and enablement provider, partnering with the Fortune 500 to accelerate their digital transformation and infrastructure automation journeys and redefine the art of the possible. Our world-class team of IT, cloud, and DevOps experts helps organizations leverage the cloud for transformative growth through prescriptive methodologies, best- in-class services, and our trademarked Value Creation Technology process. From consulting and training to comprehensive year-long RPT Accelerator programs, River Point Technology empowers enterprises to achieve Day 2 success in the cloud and maximize their technology investments.

No matter what industry you’re in, cyberattacks and data breaches are a daily threat. That’s why it’s so vital for DevOps and DevSecOps teams to protect sensitive data and secure access to business-critical resources. As far too many a corporate victim has learned, traditional security methods often aren’t enough. They leave organizations vulnerable to breaches, hinder agility, and place unnecessary burdens on IT teams. 

This is where the power of using HashiCorp’s Vault and Boundary in concert with each other emerges, providing a sophisticated security and access management solution that goes beyond cost savings. Together, they enable organizations to greatly improve security, efficiency, and enhance the user experience. However, seamlessly integrating these two powerful tools requires careful planning and consideration. That’s why we’ve pulled together some expert tips to assist with the journey.

  1. Understanding the Individual Roles: Understanding the distinct functions of Vault and Boundary is fundamental for effective integration.
  2. Planning and Design: Defining clear goals, user roles, and access controls is vital for a secure and efficient configuration.
  3. Authentication and Authorization: Determining the appropriate methods for user authentication and authorization ensures secure access to resources.
  4. Secrets Management: Establishing robust secret lifecycle management practices is crucial for protecting sensitive information.
  5. Session Management: Configuring secure session management settings is essential for controlling access duration and privileges.
  6. Monitoring and Auditing: Implementing comprehensive monitoring and auditing capabilities aids in maintaining visibility and responding to potential threats.
  7. Best Practices and Tips: Exploring additional recommendations for optimizing the integration and ensuring long-term success.

Vault: Provides organizations with identity-based security to automatically authenticate and authorize access to secrets and other sensitive data. It offers a centralized platform for storing, managing, and accessing secrets like passwords, API keys, and certificates. Vault enforces access control through granular policies, ensuring users only have the specific permissions they need for their tasks.

Boundary: Think of Boundary as a vigilant gatekeeper, meticulously controlling access to resources based on pre-defined policies and user identities. It acts as a session management layer, facilitating secure connections between users and target resources like databases, applications, and servers. Boundary leverages Vault for dynamic credential generation and access control enforcement, ensuring users only possess the necessary credentials for the duration of their session. Built for cloud-native environments, modern privileged access management from HashiCorp Boundary uses identity-driven controls to secure user access across dynamic environments.

By understanding these distinct roles, we can begin to visualize how these two tools can work together to create a secure and efficient access management solution.

Before starting the integration journey, planning and design is key. Here are key aspects to consider:

With a clear understanding of user roles and access needs, you can configure secure authentication and authorization mechanisms. Key elements to consider:

Securely managing secrets is critical for protecting sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access. Key considerations for integrating Vault and Boundary:

Controlling user sessions is crucial for maintaining a secure environment. When integrating Vault and Boundary, keep these things in mind:

Implementing comprehensive monitoring and auditing capabilities is essential for maintaining visibility into user activity and identifying potential threats. When Boundary and Vault work together, these things are to be considered:

When integrating Vault and Boundary there are many elements that need to be considered and prioritized for the journey. HashiCorp Terraform can be used for efficient configuration management and infrastructure deployment.  Consider configuring Vault and Boundary for high availability to ensure resilience and minimize downtime.

To get the most out of your investment with custom tips and strategy, reach out to RPT. We provide a tailored 360-degree approach that addresses your specific environment and requirements. Once our team of experts meticulously analyzes all pertinent information and carefully considers every relevant aspect, we are ready to craft exciting and innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

By following these essential considerations and best practices you can successfully integrate HashiCorp Vault and Boundary to better protect your organization against external and internal threats. The result can be a more secure and efficient access management ecosystem that empowers your organization to thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. Remember, security is a continuous journey, not a destination. As technology evolves, so do the techniques used by hackers and cybercriminals. That’s why it’s imperative for DevOps and DevSecOps teams to regularly review and update their organization’s security practices to stay ahead of the threat landscape. 

For more tips on how to maximize your investment in Vault and Boundary, read this.

Need help maximizing the benefits of using Vault & Boundary? Contact the experts at RPT. As HashiCorp’s 2023 Global Competency of the Year and the only HashiCorp partner with all 3 certifications (Security, Infrastructure, & Networking), you know you’re working the leading HashiCorp services partner. Contact today. 

October 13, 2023 – River Point Technology (RPT), a leading IT consulting, training, and enablement services provider, is thrilled to announce that we have received the 2023 HashiCorp Global Competency Partner of the Year award.

RPT was recognized for our high level of competency with the HashiCorp suite of infrastructure automation software. Since our founding in 2011, our founder Jeff Eiben has focused the company on building a best-in-class team of cloud experts, including an extensive list of HashiCorp Ambassadors. This global award reflects the caliber of the talent he’s been able to assemble and tHashiCorp Competency Badgeshe level of service they consistently deliver. And as the first partner to secure all three HashiCorp competencies, in the areas of Security, Infrastructure, and Networking, it’s clear why many of the world’s leading enterprises are turning to RPT to help them optimize their technology investments.

“We are thrilled to be named HashiCorp’s Global Competency Partner of the Year,” commented Jeff Eiben. “This award is a testament to RPT’s deep expertise in HashiCorp’s cloud infrastructure automation solutions and our commitment to helping our customers achieve their business goals. With this recognition and as the first and only Triple HashiCorp competency holder, RPT is uniquely positioned to help enterprises leveraging HashiCorp to get the most out of their technology investment.”

“With this recognition and as the first and only Triple HashiCorp competency holder, RPT is uniquely positioned to help enterprises leveraging HashiCorp to get the most out of their technology investment.” -Jeff Eiben, CEO & Founder of RPT

The HashiCorp Partner of the Year awards honor exceptional partners within the HashiCorp Partner Network for their enduring commitment to building integrations for the HashiCorp suite of multi-cloud infrastructure automation products, which are used by enterprises around the globe.

“Thousands of companies used HashiCorp to provision, secure, connect, and run cloud infrastructure for their most important applications. River Point Technology is a key ecosystem partner and we are thrilled to recognize their contribution with the HashiCorp Global Competency Partner of the Year award,” said Leon Jones, VP, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem at HashiCorp. “I am excited to continue our collaboration with River Point Technology so that together, we can help our customers realize the full value of our combined solutions.”

“River Point Technology is a key ecosystem partner and we are thrilled to recognize their contribution with the HashiCorp Global Competency Partner of the Year award.” – Leon Jones, VP, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, HashiCorp

HashiCorp provides infrastructure automation software for multi-cloud environments, enabling enterprises to unlock a common cloud operating model to provision, secure, connect, and run any application on any infrastructure. HashiCorp tools allow organizations to deliver applications faster by helping enterprises transition from manual processes and ITIL practices to self-service automation and DevOps practices. Enterprises looking to optimize their investment in the HashiCorp suite of products can trust that the team at RPT is best in class. As HashiCorp’s Global Competency Partner of the Year and the first and only Triple HashiCorp competency holder, we have the expertise and experience to help organizations at all stages of their automation journey get the most out of their investment.

Does your team need assistance with any of the HashiCorp products? Our experts can help. Contact us at or drop us a line at +1 (412) 212 – 6170.