The Founder of River Point Technology, Jeff Eiben, Reveals an Interesting Story of How He Started The Company

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You must have heard, unplanned things often end up constituting the best moments of your life. Well, they constitute the best enterprises as well.

And we have got a perfect case in point, River Point Technology, a company dedicated to helping companies transition into cloud computing technology, and a company born out of nowhere, thanks to Jeff Eiben.

A tech entrepreneur, technologist, and engineer, Jeff Eiben had umpteen interests growing up with divorced parents and two brothers in Pittsburgh. He wasn’t much of an art guy from the start as the love for science and technology had pretty much occupied the center stage of his life. Following that, he attended an engineering school at West Virginia University where he ushered as an ambitious student with dreams high as mountains.

His unique, solution-oriented approach to engineering enabled him to recognize problems many never focused on. Throughout his journey, from school to university, from university to professional life, and from professional life to his entrepreneurship career, he was keen observant. That’s why when he realized the perks and privileges offered by cloud computing for businesses, he didn’t dither and founded River Point Technology.

What happened next? Let’s hear it from himself!

“I started River Point Technology with no experience as a business owner previously as I was always in technical sales roles,” says Jeff Eiben. “I tend to be the one who is not afraid of trying something and challenging my boundaries. I always wanted to run my own business and made up my mind that why don’t just give it a try,” he further said, adding that he was thinking if things don’t work out, he was more than marketable to get back into the business.

Interestingly, Jeff didn’t undertake any preparations. He opened River Point Technology with no business plan. Although a high-level strategy existed, it too lacked the required focus. So basically, it was a shot in the dark.

“I hung a shingle and started calling my network about the opportunities around cloud technology and where they existed in this race. What I found was surprising; the market was incredibly immature and companies weren’t moving as fast as I anticipated,” shared Jeff.

The start was more disappointing than promising for Jeff, even more so than he expected. He learned that market timing is crucial for business success, and one should strike only when the iron is hot. However, little did he know that the disappointment stemming from mediocre results in business was to be the foundation stone of his success in the industry.

“While I was considering my business to be a ‘no-brainer’, the average company was so busy just trying to keep the lights on and focusing on the day-to-day. That’s why the daily grind didn’t leave them with the time to focus on innovation, which, though is indispensable, remained an under-funded priority,” Jeff shared more.

That discovery led him to focus on ‘value creation technology’ and a model to form a particular solution. According to Jeff, when they adopted this approach at business and scanned the market under it, they have since been on the front edge of technology innovation and have helped the world’s largest brands in support of their needs in the cloud space.

From starting as a novice in the business world to climbing to the top of it, that’s the story of Jeff Eiben and it’s still far-off the last chapter.


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