RPT is HashiCorp’s 2022 Innovation Partner Of The Year




River Point Technology has been awarded HashiCorp’s 2022 Innovation Partner of the Year as recognition for its efforts to produce effective solutions around cloud and data analytics technology. The cloud-specific company has now been in the industry for 11 years and excels in providing world-class cloud-based enterprise services to its constantly swelling customer base.

“River Point Technology has a business-oriented focus with core tenets built around cloud enablement, analytics, data protection, application lifecycle management, and security,” shared HashiCorp in their announcement.

HashiCorp is a public technology company that is leading the market for cloud automation. It announces various ‘Partner Network Awards’ annually in a bid to its partners’ dedication to helping businesses boost their cloud adoption strategies. River Point Technology has been a significant partner of HashiCorp and has been committed to delivering its best potential to promote the cloud as an effective solution.

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