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Kubernetes, in technology time is quite new, Google just released it to the public in 2014. Knowing that “it takes around a decade to master something,” it means that organizations of all sizes are still trying to figure it out. Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company, implementing Kubernetes can be tough without the right support. The RPT Accelerator was designed to help you fill in the gaps, whether it’s enablement time, upskilling your team, or office hours for guided support.

The RPT Accelerator® for Kubernetes has successfully enabled companies of all sizes on their journey.

Our methodology enforces ongoing enablement and accountability across each function to ensure success.

Kubernetes deployment

  • RPT building blocks for you to accelerate adoption
    • Kubernetes Architecture diagrams
    • Terraform modules to create Kubernetes clusters
    • Helm Charts
    • Multi-tenancy models
    • Container Storage Interface (CSI) templates

Our experts guide your team through the Kubernetes adoption journey

  • We guide you through the journey of adopting cloud and automation. Access to all RPT intellectual property to reduce need to build from scratch. Work with our Kubernetes experts through support and office hours.

RPT Turn Key approach.

  • If you are just starting out or your team doesn’t have the cycles- let us take control
  • RPT leads you through all phases of adoption from architecture, design, implementation and ongoing Day 2 support.
  • Designed to jump start your Kubernetes initiative while we onboard your team in real time.

RPT Elements

  • Our framework enables you to monitor and track your organization’s adoption maturity. Our quarterly fixed agenda experience defines gaps and executable next steps to mature your adoption for scale across the organization.

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