Jeff Eiben Shares his Thoughts on Cloud Computing and What it Means for Businesses

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Cloud computing had been around for decades but its emergence as a game-changing technology occurred only after we stepped into the 20th century. Thanks to technologists like Jeff Eiben, who recognized the value of cloud technology and dedicated their lives to bringing it into the mainstream, now companies are even going for multi-cloud systems. If you go back 10-12 years, this trend would’ve been unimaginable. But currently, the cloud is a norm over the internet.

“Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify – open the applications menu in your mobile and you will see the cloud scattered everywhere,” says Jeff Eiben. “It has changed the way we interact with the world online and the way we conduct business. And it’s not even reached its peak yet,” he further added.

Jeff Eiben is an icon in the cloud computing world. He took up the gauntlet of promoting the technology when the market was not ready to incorporate any other system, however efficient it might be, in their set frameworks. But with his company, River Point Technology, he developed different models to reach out to companies and helped them implement the new emerging technology that would later digitize their entire system.

Here Jeff shares a few ways businesses could make the most of the cloud computing technology:

A business over the internet

 “Understanding the cloud is no algebra. Just imagine the old times; your office is filled with heavy equipment, tangled in a web of wires. The relentless ‘beep, beep’ from machines, the sporadic errors in physical servers, and the subsequent frustrating process of having them fixed – the cloud resolved every above mentioned problem,” says Jeff.

It did so by replacing the equipment and machines with internet-based cloud memory services and servers. Moreover, as we advanced further into the future, entire teams and businesses were transformed over the cloud.

Flexibility and scalability

The cloud services are flexible and easily accessible to everyone within your team and clients’ base, no matter in which part of the world they belong. With cloud technology, the limitations of working at one particular place are faded in the background and you can hire anyone from anywhere in or outside your country. Above all, the collaboration on projects with your clients was never easier before as the cloud offers you 24/7 live communication and file-sharing sources.

Similarly, businesses can easily scale themselves according to their needs and wants with unlimited storage and sharing options. A decade back, this would require heavy investment on physical storage options. But that’s a thing of the past now.

Business-saving technology

The cloud service is also considered business-saving technology. In case of system implosion, vicious malware attack, or any disaster, natural or otherwise, that brings your entire business down, if you are fortunate enough to use the cloud, there’s nothing to worry about. All of your data will still be up on the cloud, utterly safe and secure. And you will be able to access it from anywhere, anytime, provided you have a laptop and active internet connection.

Feasible for effective collaboration

The cloud offers you an effective way of collaboration within the hierarchies of your business. It allows the smooth flow of information and guidelines from the top tier to the middle and lower, resulting in work efficiency and fast communication within teams. Further, the multiple departments in an organization can be brought together using cloud services. For international teams, this aspect of the technology is quite vital as the cloud erases geographic limitations and connects the scattered employees at one platform.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of cloud tech was widely substantiated as companies that used this technology were able to easily transform on remote mode than the ones who never prioritized cloud computing.


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