Jeff Eiben Helps Others Implement Technology Success

Baldwin-Whitehall School District

January 13, 2021

Pittsburgh has emerged as a key technology hub. One of the individuals in the midst of the thriving technology sector is 1988 Baldwin High School alumnus Jeff Eiben. Eiben is the owner of River Point Technology, an IT consulting firm serving businesses in the region and beyond. His pathway to a career expanding access to technology came through a Pittsburgh stalwart: Westinghouse. Eiben explains, “I’ve always had a passion for technology and luckily my skill sets align to the field. After completing an electrical engineering degree at WVU I was fortunate to be accepted into a sales and marketing program with Westinghouse. It was a fantastic opportunity to start my career as it gave me exposure to all aspects of a large company throughout the program. Fast forward to current day—while running my own business has its own challenges, I truly enjoy working with emerging technology and engaging with our customers. It’s extremely satisfying to have a first-hand impact on our customer’s business through the use of technology.” Eiben oversees all aspects of the business and is even using his expertise to benefit others through sharing his experience. “I’m sure much to the surprise of my English teachers at BHS, given I’m more geared to the sciences, I’m finishing my first book which details the learnings around implementing technology in large organizations and a roadmap for success,” he says.

Eiben’s time in the District provided a foundation for his personal and professional pursuits. He reflects, “Academically the teachers challenged us, and we had to work hard, this has carried through my professional career.” A naturally bright student, one BHS staff member taught Eiben the importance of focus and drive. He recalls, “Something that has stuck in my mind all of these years was more of a reality check that opened my eyes and changed my course. While attending a college fair at the high school I scheduled an appointment with an ivy league school. My guidance counselor at the time approached me and told me to spend my time with a school that I could actually get in. While we both laughed: it was blunt and what I needed to realize that just because I thought I was smart enough and took academic classes I hadn’t put in the work necessary to compete at that level. It stuck with me all of these years as a driver to realize that I need to work hard and never take anything for granted.”

The contribution of the District extended beyond academic rigor. He shares, “Personally, the district is filled with quality people, even after all of these years my best friends are from my time at BHS and I speak and see them weekly. The camaraderie we had and continue to have from BHS is unique and not common at all districts. I’m not sure what that special bond is other than we respected, enjoyed, and pushed each other to be our best which was instilled throughout our time at BHS.” It’s a conviviality that continues to the present day. Eiben lives in Peters Township with his family along with many friends from Baldwin. “We affectionately call the area Baldwin south as there are so many alumni in the township,” he notes.

Eiben encourages current students to build for their future and learn from the experience of those who have gone before them. He shares, “My advice to current students is to take advantage of the solid foundation that BHS has given you. Use the foundation to explore the world and give yourself options in life. I often mentor high school and college students and instruct them to focus on the intangibles that often make the biggest difference in your career. When I interview candidates, I look for these intangibles such as a willingness to go above and beyond, put others first and be a leader. And lastly—dare I say it—but listen to your parents. Their years of experience are greater than what you may think you know; my mom was a strong force in my life by always challenging me while keeping me on the proper course, without that I’m not sure where my career would have gone.”

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