Here’s How Jeff Eiben Is Disrupting the Cloud Computing Industry

The Tribune Post:

He was skilled and an expert in cloud technology but a novice in building and scaling a business. With no prior entrepreneurship experience, he embarked on an uncertain journey with River Point Technology, a company dedicated to providing cloud services to businesses, and never looked back. Today, Jeff Eiben has made it to the list of Top 100 Technology Influencers in 2021 with his company receiving various accolades in his eleven years journey.

So, one might be prompted to ask, why all the acknowledgments for this man while the cloud computing industry is replete with many other figures? Well, it’s the approach Jeff adopts.

Jeff has a knack for thinking outside of the box. He never goes along the traditional route but rather creates his own way; a way that suits his ambitions and thought process. This streak is the continuation of his love for math and science in childhood that made him different from other children, and then his time at the university, where he embraced a unique approach toward studies. Jeff pursued a smart way of studying his subject. While his classmates were diligently studying and rummaging through notebooks, Jeff was keeping his cool and understanding the complex concepts via practical implementation rather than relying simply on textbook knowledge.

Resultantly, he would get the highest GPA in the end, leaving behind the students who used to spend nights turning page after page.

Fast forward to when he started River Point Technology with no experience in establishing a business, he continued to surprise with his extraordinary ability to learn quickly and come up with solutions. He entered the market at a time when it was not ready or was reluctant to adopt cloud technology. A struggle ensued. Businesses had to be convinced. However, nothing hit the bull’s eye.

After that, Jeff reevaluated his strategy and changed the course of his action. He decided to focus on one particular problem rather than offering an outright change of system. Hence, he refined his methodology and focused on developing consumable solutions that the average enterprise could consider and adopt, subsequently ending up with creating a strategy that Jeff terms ‘Value Creation Technology.’

“At River Point Technology, we have developed and tested a methodology called Value Creation Technology (VCT) that guides our clients to take strategic risks on emerging technology with the potential to deliver a measurable business impact. At its core, the methodology is about designing initiatives tied to business outcomes that result in small gains or losses,” shares Jeff

The VCT methodology has been one of the most successful strategies in the cloud computing industry. It allows you to get results, good or bad, quickly. And even though you fail, you only lose a meager amount of money, and if you win, ‘people notice, your credibility increases, and resistance decreases.’ All in all, the Value Creation Technology enables you to take calculated steps by measuring the odds of success and failure.

After adopting this methodology, River Point Technology experienced substantial attention from the market, and as it kept addressing smaller issues with huge impact, businesses realized, for the first time, the importance of emerging technology in their growth. It is now beyond the shadow of a doubt that cloud technology is the future of our world. However, even in the future, it will always need Jeff Eibens who excel in innovation and creativity and loves to solve problems and disrupt traditions.


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