For a Trailblazer in the Cloud Computing Industry, Jeff Eiben is Just Too Perfect

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The technological revolution in the last 30 years has shaped our world in a way that without the help of modern-day technology i.e. internet, computer, mobile, etc., surviving our daily lives has become unimaginable. Technology accompanies humans day in and day out, no matter where they are and what they do, and it hasn’t only affected the lives of ordinary citizens. Businesses, too, have come under the enormous influence of technology, and in effect, have capitalized on it to grow and prosper to great lengths.

However, the process hasn’t been plain sailing. The transitioning has required some guarantees and assurances as many businesses were reluctant or uncertain to incorporate advanced methods into their set structures. In this context, it’s only reasonable to thank people like Jeff Eiben who paved the way for the inclusion of technology on a larger scale and made many businesses see the perks and privileges it brought.

Jeff’s primary contribution lies with cloud computing technology. He shouldered the mission to make businesses realize the potential of cloud technology at a time when there was a scarcity of interest, awareness, and knowledge about it and no one was ready to reap the benefits of the opportunity.

“Businesses were struggling to understand the flexibility, ease of operations, improved internal communication, and the chances for higher scalability and performance that cloud technology offered,” says Jeff. “Another huge advantage was cost-efficiency. Because the cloud replaced in-house storage and software equipment with internet-based storage and software, coupled with automatic updates, it substantially cut the costs for businesses and allowed them to innovate whatever they wanted,” he further added.

Jeff approached businesses after founding River Point Technology in 2011. It was the outcome of his lifelong experience working with different enterprises in various technical sales roles. However, his expertise in technology, especially cloud technology, brought him into an entrepreneur’s suit. There was only one problem.

He knew the tech-world by heart but never had he led a business in his life before. His experience in business management equaled naught. Jeff had many businesses in his portfolio but he was always in technical sales jobs. But fortunately, the thing about Jeff Eiben is, he is never afraid of trying – he prefers failing rather than not trying something at all. And that’s what he did. With no prior business plan or elaborated strategy, he entered the market, and as expected, couldn’t deliver the best.

However, the reason wasn’t the weak strategy – it was the miscalculating the mood of the market.

“I hung a shingle and started calling my network about opportunities around the cloud. But in return, I only got my number one lesson in the business world: market timing is imperative for success in business,” says Jeff with a smile.

Fast forward to eleven years, with the persistence and dexterity of its founder, Jeff Eiben, River Point Technology has grabbed the following accolades to date:

  • Finalist in the Pittsburgh Business Times Fast 50 (for the last two years)
  • Finalist with the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech 50 for innovation
  • CRN Top 250 NextGen
  • HashiCorp’s 2022 Innovation Partner of the year

Besides that, Jeff himself was awarded as a Top 100 Technology Influencer in 2021 by InterCon. And that’s just the start of it. Now that companies are rushing to adopt technology as the sole guarantor of their success, people like Jeff Eiben are there at the threshold to guide them through their journey.


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