Cloud Computing and Jeff Eiben – Two Names with One Mission to Digitize Businesses

Originally Appeared in The New York Daily Trends, August 10, 2022

Gartner had predicted in 2018 that by the next few years, companies are expected to either adopt cloud-first or cloud-only policies. After five years, we have gone beyond that. Today, the entire company has set up its operations on the cloud, let alone policy. This technology has facilitated almost every sector and every type of business; enabling remote work is counted as one of its blessings. During the recent outbreak of COVID-19, when the empty skyscrapers presented a haunting sight and cities a prison, managing teams from home would not have been possible without the cloud.

It then won’t be an overstatement to say that cloud computing technology has shaped the world we live in. However, cloud computing has only been a medium in this revolution. The real game-changers are the people like Jeff Eiben who have not only sketched the roadmap for the future but also guided many in this course. From the platform of his company, River Point Technology, Jeff Eiben has helped many businesses blossom into flourishing enterprises.

“I had founded River Point Technology with little to no experience in business management, and of course, it wasn’t a cup of tea. There were many hiccups initially, one of them being wrong market timing. But I sailed through every predicament with patience and persistence, and today we are counted among the best cloud service-providing companies nationwide,” says Jeff.

But that’s not the only interesting point you might be searching for here. There’s more to it.

During his childhood, Jeff happened to be a science and mathematics geek. He used to love solving complex equations and learning about living things and everything else science has to offer. But according to him, he was never passionate about it.

“I can’t say I entered a technology-based major because of my passion, only that I found it interesting and a match for my strengths in math and science. One of the big drivers was my mother, who believed that engineering offered the most flexibility and upside in the job market at that time… I knew I was an average student at best, but I didn’t push back my mother’s ambitions for me,” an excerpt from the upcoming book reads.

The book is rife with the writer’s insights about the cloud industry and his struggles for mastering the technology. It’s currently in the editing process and will be released soon.

Jeff wanted a job in business, but he went with his mother’s choice and picked engineering school at West Virginia University. That is where he realized he had a knack for thinking out of the box and looking at things differently. So that was the start of it. The boy who had entered engineering as a differentiator for his focus in the business world is today ruling the roost not only in building businesses but also in digitizing businesses and assisting them in their race to get to the top.

Bottom line: No matter wherever you go, think outside of the box, lead a solution-oriented life, always listen to your mother chuckle, and never ever, I repeat, never ever give up!

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