An Accidental Innovator, Founder of River Point Technology, and One of the Top 100 Tech Influencers – That’s Jeff Eiben for You

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If you could meet Jeff Eiben in his childhood, he would’ve left you baffled with his ability to solve complex mathematical equations. Talking to him about science would’ve introduced you to a little, brewing scientist glossed over in this child. His passion for both knew no bounds and you could almost see his curious face to be always on to something – scribbling, making, breaking, tinkering – one glimpse at him and you would know there is something big in making.

Now we know what that something big turned out to be – one of the top 100 tech influencers in the world and the founder of a trailblazing cloud computing company, River Point Technology.

Jeff was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, along with two older brothers. Their upbringing was carried out by their mother after the divorce ended the relationship between their parents and his father moved to California. It wasn’t easy growing up, but Jeff had found mathematics and science to be soothing and engrossing so he kept himself occupied in his own little world where curiosity spearheaded his life.

It eventually landed him in an engineering school at West Virginia University where he aced all his semesters. A bright student, Jeff did remarkably well on every count in his college life and emerged as an ambitious, distinguished professional. His approach toward engineering was unique from others. While his colleagues and other engineering graduates resorted to obtaining high-paying, traditional engineering jobs, he stood laser-focused on finding solutions to the problems encountering technology.

“I have found people in technology to often overcomplicate problems, resulting in unrealized gains. I, on the other side, have always stressed on focusing core concepts and keeping things simple,” says Jeff. “This approach allows me to get to the end result quicker and be able to move forward, without getting lost in the woods,” he further added.

Engineering is considered one of the cut-throat fields around the world, provided the growing number of annual graduates every year. In the US alone, nearly half a million engineers enter the industry annually. These stats make it imperative for graduates to adopt a skillset that could fit in a competitive space and earn them some succor and sustenance. Luckily, Jeff qualified in each domain; he not only stood out because of his approach to his interests, but he also introduced a technology that will alter the fate of a plethora of companies around the US.

And that technology was cloud computing technology. It’s not like he invented it – cloud technology existed for decades. However, businesses were speculative to use it and reap its benefits. Mr. Eiben founded River Point Technology and embarked on a mission to help companies understand cloud technology and how it would impact them.

And… voila!

In the next few years, he was so successful in achieving his mission that River Point Technology was recognized for its efforts, innovation, and growth and received multiple awards including HashiCorp’s 2022 Innovation Partner of the year. Besides that, the company was also a finalist in Pittsburgh Business Times Fast 50 (for the two years), Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech 50 for Innovation, and CRN Top 250 NextGen. Jeff himself has been included in the list of Top 100 Technology Influencers in 2021 by InterCon.

There were plenty of hitches along the journey though – failures happened, people left, distress peaked, disappointments ensued – but Jeff weathered everything like a true professional and stood adamant in pursuit of his goals. No wonder then why he’s being written in these words today and read by masses around the world, including you.

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