Product quality issues solved with ultrasonography

A producer of steel rolls for rolling mills needed to identify potential product flaws inside the rolls during the manufacturing process. River Point Technology wrote software that converts data from an ultrasonic device into a 3D view of the inside of the roll to allow operators to literally see inside the product. Not only did the new capability help identify flaws, it convinced them to change their manufacturing process.

Automation helps company support growth and reduce errors

A manufacturer of silicon carbide wafers was experiencing costly errors from operators having to manually record ID numbers laser-etched on wafers. River Point Technology built custom hardware and software that eliminated operator error while automating the entire process. The approach reduced costs by nearly 90% over the original proposed solution.

Multi-cloud automation reduces build cycle time from days to hours

Using multi-cloud automation, River Point Technology helped a large retailer more readily meet spikes in demand on their ecommerce site, and streamlined build cycle time and critical security updates from weeks to a matter of hours. We did this by integrating their on-prem and public cloud infrastructure to leverage the elasticity of the cloud.

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